Sirius Aviation unveils world's first hydrogen-powered VTOL business plane

January 23, 2024

BY Sirius Aviation



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BAE Systems acquires British technology business Malloy Aeronautics

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By BAE Systems

February 17, 2024

Engineering & Design

BAE Systems has acquired Malloy Aeronautics – a leading company in heavy lift drone and aeronautical technologies. BAE Systems and Malloy will further develop Malloy's existing portfolio and accelerate new and novel technologies.

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Research involving Oregon State University has shown that a “swarm” of more than 100 autonomous ground and aerial robots can be supervised by one person without subjecting the individual to an undue workload.

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Uniform Sierra Aerospace, a company that builds small, unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, has launched its Panther drone for the marketplace. The company was founded by Purdue University alumni Duncan Mulgrew, Jeremy Frederick and Trevor Redpath.

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Silvus Technologies, Inc. introduced the StreamCaster TRINITY, MIMO transceiver array. StreamCaster TRINITY combines the performance of dual band (S/C) StreamCaster MANET radios with a high-gain antenna array that delivers 360° of coverage for air and ground applications.

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YellowScan announced the release of its new bathymetric system, the YellowScan Navigator, at CES 2024. It features a laser scanner developed in-house over the last five years, and has been heavily tested to achieve optimal performance.

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