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Igal Yarmolinsky

Vice President of Sales


[email protected]

Copterpix Ltd.

Manufacturing drone solutions based on our CPX Opened Framework full end-to-end open-sourced solution enables to deliver 30% longer flight/heavier payloads than ANY commercial drone. Our Portfolio: •Long inspection Quad drones (80-100min airtime) •Hexa multi-purpose drones, 15Kg payload •Hybrid drones, 5-7 hours endurance time •Rhino Hybrid Parallel Drone, 25Kg payload to 50Km (next year: 100Kg/100Km) for 2 hours •APS300 Autonomous Patrolling system using 30ograms Micro Drones.

1 HaHarash Street

CopterPIX House

Ashkelon, null 7878301


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