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Pointivo, Inc.

Pointivo is the software leader in digital twin technology, offering AI-driven analytics to automate physical asset inspection. The platform integrates machine learning, computer vision, and advanced analytics to optimize business processes. As the pioneer in analytics powering the drone industry, Pointivo’s extensive patent portfolio gives it broad ownership of many of the enabling technologies required to drive the growth and future of digital twins and automated asset inspection.

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Aeromao Inc.

We are the Canadian leading UAV manufacturer, delivering turnkey commercial grade UAV systems, training and support to more than 70 countries since 2013. We have earned a number of grants by the Canadian government due to our innovation and development we have achieved on the unmanned world. In addition to the UAV systems we manufacture we are authorized dealers of a number of drone brands, surveying equipment and other drone accessories.

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Censys Technologies

Censys Technologies is a leading provider of innovative drone technology and intelligent solutions. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and services, Censys Technologies enables organizations to optimize operations, improve safety, and gain valuable insights through the power of drones and advanced analytics.

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CHC Navigation

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) creates innovative mapping, navigation, and positioning solutions to make customers' work more efficient. CHCNAV products and solutions cover multiple industries such as geospatial, construction, agriculture, and marine. With a presence across the globe, distributors in more than 120 countries, and more than 1,700 employees, today, CHC Navigation is recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in geomatics technologies.

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C-Link Systems, Inc.

c-Link Systems, Inc., has been designing and building autonomous ground robots for all non-military job applications for 18 years. The company has an extensive background in autonomous ground robotics, controls/automation, and satellite/missile guidance systems. Forager is the main chassis; with a smaller version already released plus custom AMRs. Both families address disaster, construction, landscaping, agriculture, and mining markets. A new educational offering scheduled for 4th qtr. 2023.

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Copterpix Ltd.

Manufacturing drone solutions based on our CPX Opened Framework full end-to-end open-sourced solution enables to deliver 30% longer flight/heavier payloads than ANY commercial drone. Our Portfolio: •Long inspection Quad drones (80-100min airtime) •Hexa multi-purpose drones, 15Kg payload •Hybrid drones, 5-7 hours endurance time •Rhino Hybrid Parallel Drone, 25Kg payload to 50Km (next year: 100Kg/100Km) for 2 hours •APS300 Autonomous Patrolling system using 30ograms Micro Drones.

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Epix, Inc.

Manufacturer of cameras, frame grabbers, and image processing software for drone applications.

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Fruity Chutes

Fruity Chutes is a world leader in the manufacturing of parachute recovery systems for drones, fixed wing, VTOL, and other UAS. Fruity Chutes provides parachute recovery systems to the top UAS manufacturers including Fortem Technologies, AAI Textron, Quest UAV, Silent Falcon, Aeromao, Matternet and more. Other customers include Space X, Google, Intel, NASA, MIT and Boeing. Fruity Chutes prioritizes working with UAV manufacturers to provide them with world class recovery systems.

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Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC

Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC specializes in unmanned aircraft, including drones (fixed-wing & multi-copters) and LTA vehicles (free-flying airships & tethered aerostats). Our experience includes the full range of possible support: design, simulation, prototyping, certification, manufacture, operation, pilot training, and technical documentation. We collaborate in public/private partnerships supporting AAM initiatives with developed dual-use defense capabilities.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), an affiliate of General Atomics, is the leading manufacturer of Unmanned Aircraft systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems solutions, including the Predator aircraft series and the Lynx Multi-mode Radar. The company has delivered more than 1,000 aircraft in its 30-year history. GA-ASI’s UAS family includes Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper, Gray Eagle 25M, Predator C Avenger, and the MQ-9B SkyGuardian/SeaGuardian.

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HSE-UAV Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC

Our UAS + ROV help keep our homeland safe, and facilitate agricultural innovation, surveying & commercial ops. We also offer spraying/seeding services! As 1 of America’s oldest industrial drone companies, we've learned a thing or 2. We're the people who care, the connections that matter + the tech that delivers. As a Veteran & Family owned company, we take great pride in our team. We're committed to YOUR success and can’t wait to help! WORLD-CLASS SERVICE | EXPERT GUIDANCE | 100% USA BASED | FAA

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We manufacture autonomous GPS-free inspection stations that repeatably collect precise measurements of inspected objects – drilling rigs, inside/outside storage tanks, chimneys, pipe racks, and similar objects. As a result, with a help of AI, we save inspectors time by pointing out the suspect artifacts and we show the size of the defect in millimeter precision (welding defects, corrosion, or cracks). A quick video overview is here:

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MightyFly’s mission is to provide fast, affordable and carbon neutral same-day cargo delivery solutions to companies and governments. MightyFly is a leading manufacturer and operator of autonomous, fixed-wing eVTOL cargo aircraft with a cargo capacity of 100 and 500 pounds, a range of 600 miles and speed of 150 mph. The cargo-first design enables point-to-point, same-day and express deliveries and optimizes for speed, automation, efficiency, high throughput and high margins for customers.

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Pierce Aerospace Inc.

Pierce Aerospace has developed Remote ID solutions since 2017 and is funded by the US Air Force, the State of Indiana, and Techstars. The company's integrated Remote ID solutions are fine-tuned through rigorous US Military experimentation. As drone lovers ourselves, we work towards developing premier products that are only of the highest quality. We are based out of the racing capital of the world Indianapolis and all of our products are built and produced here in the United States.

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Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney is pushing the boundaries of innovative aircraft propulsion systems for emerging and disruptive capabilities.

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SICDRONE makes the fastest Group 2 (20-55lb) multicopter UAS in the world capable of carrying many lightweight camera/sensor payload types for missions over 10 miles, while heavier payload options are also available for short range missions under 10 miles. Typically, the payload systems we provide our customers are 3 to 15lbs and there are dozens of payload options from security to delivery. Our software currently limits the speed of our Group 2 aircraft to 100mph.

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Singular Aircraft S.L.

SINGULAR AIRCRAFT, S.L. is a UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) company, that design, certify, produce, and operate one of the biggest UAS in the market. The Flyox I has a Useful weight of 1800 kg with a fully automatic capability and ready to operate in fire-fighting missions, cargo delivery within flight cargo drop capability (up to 1500 kg) and surveillance (maritime patrol).

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Workhorse Aerospace

Changing Work for Good We build dependable logistics solutions for all types of work. Made with durable EV components and intuitive technical features, our trucks and drones are engineered to make every job smarter, safer, and more productive than before. Whether by road or by air, our fleet can help you handle today’s needs with an eye on tomorrow’s demands.

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