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Uncrewed Systems & Robotics Database (USRD)

USRD gives you access to the latest information on nearly every uncrewed vehicle and mobile robot system operating in the air, ground and maritime domains. USRD is built on more than 30,000 hours of research, scouring the internet and live events to document changes and advancements in uncrewed and autonomous technology across civil, commercial, and military markets. Lean on USRD to improve your operations and discover new opportunities. The database is updated daily to keep you on top of the latest developments. This is your one-stop resource for global UAV, UGV, and UMV information.

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Neuvatek Inc.

Neuvatek is an Austin-based technology company focusing on the Research and Development of electronics for industrial and Commercial applications including IIoT and Navigation systems including MEMS-based inertial systems. Through its subsidiary Optinav, based in Grand Forks, Neuvatek designs and develops Low-cost/HighAccuracy IMUs based on cluster arrays of advanced inertial and magnetic sensors. This advanced IMU technology enables BVLOS and navigation in GPS-denied environments.

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Paladin Automation LLC

Drone Service Provider and Research and Development for military, government, and commercial customers. Focus areas include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, Sensor Fusion, Thermal Inspection, Precision Agriculture, and Drone Delivery. Virtual prototyping with hardware and software emulation.

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