FAA to release new version of B4UFLY app later this year

The FAA and software developer Kittyhawk are partnering on a new version of the B4UFLY mobile app, which helps recreational drone pilots determine where they can safely fly. The updated app is expected to be released later in 2019.

Innovation program explores UAS satellite communications

London-based Inmarsat is partnering with Cobham and Starburst to launch a grassroots innovation program studying the role of satellite communications in the commercial UAS market. The goal is to integrate satellite connectivity into drone operations.

Demonstration shows value of drones at crime scene investigations

The use of drones for crime scene investigation was demonstrated in Nevada last month by Sundance Media Group and five other companies. After two drones surveyed the mock murder scene, images and maps were produced within minutes.

Drone Delivery Canada unveils Condor large delivery UAS

Toronto-based Drone Delivery Canada has unveiled a new cargo delivery drone it says pushes the limits of payload capacity and flight range. The 22-foot-long Condor has a 400 pound payload capacity and a range of up to 120 miles.

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered drone sets new flight time record

MetaVista Inc., a South Korean company specializing in hydrogen power, flew a quadcopter drone for nearly 11 hours by pairing its technology with an Intelligent Energy fuel cell module. It's believed to be the longest flight time of its kind.

Insitu begins commercial UAS operations in Papua New Guinea

Insitu Commercial Solutions has conducted a series of aerial data collection operations in Papua New Guinea after obtaining its first approval for commercial UAS operations in the country. Insitu conducted remote sensing operations using LiDAR.

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