UAS Magazine Q3 2016

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After 2 Years, It's Time To Run This UAS Cover Story

By Luke Geiver


With a global demand for qualified pilots, a major UAS manufacturer is establishing a new training center.

Flying Past The UAS Startup Stage

By Luke Geiver


Matt Dunlevy and his UAS team have ground their way from a startup stage to a proven entity. With a new era in UAS history here, thanks to Part 107, Dunlevy’s story has helped reveal the positive state of the UAS service industry. Matt Dunlevy exemplifies everything you would expect from an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) startup CEO that launched his business in a city that has become synonymous for its support of drones. He wears running shoes and jeans, not loafers and ties...

When UAS pioneer Emmanuel Prévinaire started Flying-Cam in 1988, he knew he was onto something big. Eventually, the movie industry knew it, too.

From visually dynamic drone events to obstacle avoidance tech development or advisory roles within the UAS community, a globally recognized brand has made a new name in UAS.

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