UAS Magazine Q1 2015

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The UAS Business Climate

By Luke Geiver


Sensing the UAS Future

By Patrick C. Miller

OperationsPolicy & Regulation

Gryphon Sensors seeks to leverage its military roots into commercial markets.

At Sinclair Community College, the UAS industry has become the priority to keep its long-history in the aerospace industry alive and well.

AgEagle has put a small Kansas town on the map by providing the business model for linking UAVs with precision agriculture.

David Dvorak and his team are simplifying the world of precision agriculture by providing data-capturing payload systems to farmers, agronomists, and plantation managers.

Enhancing The View

By Patrick C. Miller

How exemptions for UAS cinematographers will positively impact the consumer and the industry.

UAVs In Detroit

By Emily Aasand

Detroit Aircraft and Lockheed Martin have partnered to revive Detroit and provide first responders with emerging UAV technology.

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