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Kirkwall defends autonomous systems from critical failure, utilizing machine-learning to train systems to self-identify problems before they become catastrophic. Kirkwall’s algorithm enables cyber attack detection, diagnostic monitoring, and preventative maintenance for UAVs, IoT-enabled AgTech, and industrial systems, allowing for termination of access and communications to affected systems.

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Strategic Response Partners

With decades of experience in disaster recovery for government, commercial and border security operations under the direction of the law enforcement, our experienced extreme drone teams focus on efficiency and being ahead of the action. Today, organizations across all industries utilize and rely on our in-depth knowledge and technology to help them advance their cause.

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The World Protection Group

The World Protection Group (WPG) offers full-service executive protection both in the U.S. and internationally, providing the most robust protection and threat management services through intelligence and an emphasis on proactive and preventive protection. Founded in 2001 by Kent Moyer and headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, WPG also has offices in Mexico City/Mexico, Shanghai/China, and Okinawa/Japan.

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