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Flex Force Enterprises Inc.

Flex Force, founded in 2010, is a business focused on transitioning promising new technologies in robotics, signal processing, and software into deployable products. Flex Force designs and manufactures the DRONEBUSTER hand-held drone countermeasure. The DRONEBUSTER is the best selling drone countermeasure in the world and is used exclusively by the U.S. Department of Defense for their hand-held countermeasure needs.

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Founded in 2015, we offer fixed, portable and mobile drone detection in-motion solutions that locate both drone and pilot simultaneously for the military, airports, correctional facilities, stadiums, and other critical infrastructure. The combination of powerful software and flexible hardware deployments enables AirWarden owners in different organizations and agencies to collaborate and work together in a single network if and when they want which acts as a force multiplier of critical resources.

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D-Fend Solutions

D-Fend Solutions is the leading RF cyber-based counter-drone takeover technology provider, enabling control, safety, and continuity during rogue drone incidents to overcome current and emerging drone threats across complex and sensitive environments. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, EnforceAir, the company’s core non-jamming, non-kinetic offering, focuses on the most dangerous drone threats. EnforceAir autonomously executes RF cyber-takeovers of rogue drones for safe landings and outcomes, ensuring the smooth flow of communications, commerce, transportation, and everyday life.

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Strategic Response Partners

With decades of experience in disaster recovery for government, commercial and border security operations under the direction of the law enforcement, our experienced extreme drone teams focus on efficiency and being ahead of the action. Today, organizations across all industries utilize and rely on our in-depth knowledge and technology to help them advance their cause.

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