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Non Line of Sight Wireless

Non Line of Sight Wireless does: (1) consulting for UAV/UAS data link system design, (2) RF LInk bench testing to verify the data link module meet their published specs. (3) Data link integration onto your UAV platform. (4) On-site training for RF test equipment operation and procedures. I do not represent or sell any data link OEM brand. I know the top suppliers with the latest technology for air to ground data links using COFDM, TDMA with TCP/UDP IP protocols including MIMO and MESH.

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Neuvatek Inc.

Neuvatek is an Austin-based technology company focusing on the Research and Development of electronics for industrial and Commercial applications including IIoT and Navigation systems including MEMS-based inertial systems. Through its subsidiary Optinav, based in Grand Forks, Neuvatek designs and develops Low-cost/HighAccuracy IMUs based on cluster arrays of advanced inertial and magnetic sensors. This advanced IMU technology enables BVLOS and navigation in GPS-denied environments.

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