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Apex Unmanned Solutions

Apex Unmanned Solution provides comprehensive services to industries seeking to embark on an adventure advancing in unmanned technologies. Whether your business's goal is to reduce the risk to human life, reduce costs of current resources, or navigating the specificities of operations and regulatory nuances, we are happy to serve you. Our expertise spans a wide swath of UAS operations including commercial operations and military. Collectively we provide nearly a century of expertise.

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Avaans Media Public Relations

We work with change makers to tell stories about innovation from startup through IPO. Our 100% executive level team creates PR strategies that support your business objectives; our exclusive onboarding process makes makes us 2X more productive and ensures we exceed our KPI promises, including tier 1 placements for our clients. Avaans means advantage - we are the premier public relations company for emerging industries.

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Boomerang Carnets

We grow businesses. We are specialists in all aspects of ATA Carnets, the internationally accepted customs document (aka the Merchandise Passport) for temporary exports. ATA Carnet use allows prototypes, demo equipment, measuring devices, samples, trade show exhibits, and gear to clear Customs import-duty and -tax free. Unmanned systems, UAVs, UAS, robotics, universities, defense, small- and mid-size companies, and entrepreneurs benefit.

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CAPGOV Solultions

CAPGOV is a full-service federal government relations firm in Washington, D.C. CAPGOV specializes in helping clients achieve legislative, regulatory, policy and procurement objectives (Defense and non-Defense).

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Airborne Innovations

Airborne Innovations has payload and datalink solutions including: Picoradio NX is a tiny C2/HD broadband datalink with MIMO, Hexaband 1.6 to 2.5GHz with AES encryption/mesh/relay/SBUS. We offer compact MIMO tracking antennas, global shutter/ multi-camera HD/thermal/High resolution PicoNV video encoder, OGI Gas Leak Detection (DJI/other) and other custom payloads, comms systems including satcomm and redundant systems, and other systems. NDAA Compliant. We also do consulting and custom solutions.

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Baldwin Safety & Compliance

Baldwin is a global company founded to support the continuous support of safety management systems (SMS), document management, and related safety solutions. Baldwin's highly experienced and certificated safety professionals provide 24/7 support to a wide range of UAS clients in Agriculture, Delivery, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Utilities, the DoD, and more. With Part 5 FAA mandates coming for 135 operators, contact us today to learn how we can assist you in implementing and supporting your SMS.

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BirdDog Drones, Inc.

We are consultants to govt agencies and private corps and help those entities adopt and integrate UAS technologies into their operations and workflows. We provide pilot training, safety culture training, T-t-T courses, policies and procedure creation, purchase analysis, and more. Working with accounting, legal, and risk management departments to create drone programs/plans that stay within budget/ legal constraints, and maintain the highest safety stds for your staff, clientele, and the public.

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Carolina Unmanned Vehicles Inc.

Carolina Unmanned Vehicles builds a small mobile tethered blimp, the Expeditionary Aerostat System (EAS). It carries Intel, communications relays and EO and IR payloads for long term 24/7 operation. Non-military applications include law enforcement, border security and research. Counter UAS systems, the EXCIPIO Net gun System intercepts uses a rapidly ejected net to ensnare a threat UAS. The Spitfire gun pod consists of Excipio guidance solution and 22 caliber automatic pistols.

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The EDCI is a professionally managed startup advisory company promoted by experienced Ex - defense, legal and law enforcement personnel having proven decades-old expertise and a strong national and international network.

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GCG Consulting Resources Group

Experienced (over 35+ years) consulting services in several areas including technical, cost, and schedule management. Can provide support for strategic planning and business development efforts. Well connected with industry and government organizations. Focus is on unmanned systems but can support all defense systems.

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Global Strategy Support LLC

More than 50 years of experience in unmanned aerial and ground systems. Help companies identify business opportunities and prepare proposals. Support M&A activities to include target search, analysis and due diligence. Program management support including preparation of detailed program schedule and resources. Price-to-win analysis. Management of “colored” review teams, proposals writing and review.

Michael Best Consulting

Best Autonomous Insights takes a comprehensive approach to autonomous systems development and integration, addressing technical, regulatory, and social challenges. Our team has proven experience transitioning autonomous technologies from prototypes to fielded capabilities in air, ground, and maritime domains. We also have extensive knowledge of infrastructure requirements, including connectivity and facilities (vertiports); data management; and public perception.

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MTM Global LLC

Business owners face many daunting challenges with growth, profitability, cash flow, organizational alignment, etc., with limited “go to” skills within their organization. MTM Global, leveraging over 20 years with rotary and fixed wing companies, can help. We are the trusted “go to” problem solvers.

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P3 Tech Consulting

P3 Tech Consulting, led by CEO & Founder Dawn Zoldi (Col. U.S. Air Force Ret.), a licensed attorney & Part 107 pilot, connects people with a passion for advanced technologies with the information they need to succeed. Services include consulting, branding, content creation & education. Platforms include the popular Dawn of Drones podcast, Law-Tech Connect Workshops & freelance contributions to multiple media outlets.

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Strategic Response Partners

With decades of experience in disaster recovery for government, commercial and border security operations under the direction of the law enforcement, our experienced extreme drone teams focus on efficiency and being ahead of the action. Today, organizations across all industries utilize and rely on our in-depth knowledge and technology to help them advance their cause.

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TransLumen Technologies, LLC

TransLumen rapidly prototypes to create serious mobile gamification apps driven by AI with observational scanning tools. It’s UX/UI next gen designs integrates cohesive architecture with augmented reality/virtual reality/and 3D modeling. TransLumen also produces next gen alarms and alerts by implementing proprietary STEGC® to reduce visual noise and clutter mitigating cognitive overload. TransLumen is a government and commercial contractor as well as a Nasa UTM and FAA COE industry partner.

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