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Apr 29, 2024

Aloft Announces Strategic Partnership with Anzu Robotics to Launch Raptor Drone

Aloft Technologies, Inc. announced a new strategic partnership with Anzu Robotics with the launch of the Raptor drone series. This collaboration underscores both companies’ commitment to pioneering secure, compliant drone operations that meet a wide array of flight needs across diverse industries, from inspection to public safety.

Aloft Technologies, Inc., a leader in advanced drone software solutions, announced the integration of Automated Special Government Interest (SGI) Waivers into its Aloft Air Control platform. This new feature is set to revolutionize how drone operators access restricted airspaces, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and compliance with federal regulations.

Aloft Technologies, Inc., a leader in drone technology solutions, announced a groundbreaking integration with Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology, to integrate Live UTM (Uncrewed Traffic Management) Telemetry.

Aloft Technologies, Inc., a leader in drone fleet and airspace management, announced the launch of Air Aware, a groundbreaking advancement in airspace situational awareness.

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