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Jul 10, 2024

Rheinmetall and Anduril Join Forces to Develop C-sUAS System

Rheinmetall and Anduril Industries signed a Memorandum of Understanding during Eurosatory in Paris. Under this collaboration, Rheinmetall and Anduril will work together to design, develop, and produce new layered Counter small Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS) air defense systems. The scope of this collaboration is primarily to address European markets first.

The United States Air Force announced that Anduril has been selected as one of two vendors to move forward on the Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) program. Over the next phase, Anduril will design, manufacture, and test production-representative CCAs.

Roadrunner is a VTOL autonomous air vehicle designed to be customized for various missions; Roadrunner-M defines a radical new class of recoverable ground-based air defense capability.

Anduril unveiled the Anvil-M, a new munitions variant of its autonomous ‘Anvil’ interceptor drone that can effectively intercept and defeat threats from Group 1 and Group 2 unmanned aircraft systems.

New Ghost variant increases payload capacity and flight time, with options for a long-range resilient communications kit, vision-based navigation module, and alternate gimbals

Defense technology company Anduril Industries announced its acquisition of Blue Force Technologies, a developer of autonomous aircraft with an integrated aerostructures division serving a wide range of defense and commercial customers.

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