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Feb 21, 2024

Elbit Systems Launches a New State-of-the-Art UAS, Hermes™ 650 Spark

Elbit Systems unveiled its latest addition to its market leading Hermes family, the Hermes 650 Spark. This Next Generation Unmanned Aerial System boasts outstanding endurance, versatility, and cost-effective performance across land, air and sea operations.

Elbit Systems Ltd will produce and provide the Artillery Corps of the Israeli Defense Forces with the SkylarkTM 1Transitional Vertical Take-Off and Landing Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Elbit Systems announced it was awarded two contracts by a European country, worth an aggregate amount of approximately $200 million, to supply a C4I solution to artillery battalions and a Hostile Fire Counter Attack solution.

Elbit Systems announced that it was awarded a contract worth approximately $55 million to supply multi-layered ReDrone Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) to the Netherlands. The contract will be performed over a period of four years.

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