Aeryon Labs introduces sUAV imaging payload

By Emily Aasand | February 25, 2015

Aeryon Labs Inc., a manufacturer of visual line-of-sight small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), has unveiled its Aeryon HDZoom30 imaging payload. The payload offers up to 30x optical zoom, up to 60x digitally-enhanced zoom, 1080p record video and 20MP still image resolution.

The payload offers 3-axis stabilization using brushless motors to ensure for detailed and accurate video under demanding environment conditions, the company said. The Aeryon HDZoom30 allows for close inspection tasks on infrastructure including power lines, flare stacks, and cell tours by delivering photos without having to bring the aircraft into close proximity.

“The Aeryon HDZoom30 payload revolutionizes aerial image capture,” said Dave Kroetsch, president and CEO of Aeryon Labs. “During the last 8 years of pioneering small UAS, and thousands of flight hours on the Aeryon sUAS platform, we have witnessed consistent need for increasingly precise, high-resolution imagery across our diverse customer base. The HDZoom30 raises the bar for the industry.”

The ruggedized and weather-sealed gimbal offers dependable operation in wet, sandy or humid environments and in sustained winds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. The payload also has an optional encrypted transmission that protects against hacking, snooping, and interception, while simultaneously steaming multicast video to multiple devices in the secure network.

In tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance situations, police and military teams can keep eyes-on-target from a maximum stand-off distance ensuring safe and covert operations, the company said, adding that people using the technology can now read license plates and recognize a face from a distance of over 1000 feet.

“As one of the first sUAS named in a FAA Section 333 exemption request, the Aeryon SkyRanger currently enables Aetos Group to deliver robust and reliable aerial inspection services to customers in the petrochemical industry,” said Nick Harwood, vice president of operations of Aetos Group. “We look forward to adding the Aeryon HDZoom20 to our portfolio, and offering our customers a safer, more effective way to capture high-resolution images to enhance their maintenance and reliability programs.”


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