Bosch enlists Aerialtronics for security UAV package

By Luke Geiver | December 31, 2014

Bosch Security Projects has added small unmanned aircraft vehicles to its massive suite of product offerings. The global product manufacturer and technology provider has announced a partnership with Aerialtronics that will allow a Bosch-made camera to be used in combination with Aerialtronics sUAV platform.

“The advantage of drones is that they are really flexible and quickly ready to use,” said Robin van de Putte, Aerialtronics owner. “One single drone can take pictures and videos of a certain area or situation and deliver up-to-date results that can contribute to the security of an incident. Also, drones are cheaper, securer and more flexible to use than helicopters.”

Aerialtronics will provide Bosch with its Altura sUAV platform that weighs roughly 6 pounds (2.9 kg) and offers 45 minutes of flight time. Bosch will add its camera payload offering to the sUAV that includes the ability to capture footage during day- and night-based situations. The cameras are equipped with infared lights allowing for footage capture in near-dark conditions.

Earlier this year Aerialtronics announced its work with T-Mobile to monitor cell phone towers.

Although the partnership between Aerialtronics and Bosch is aimed at producing security-based UAVs, the camera-mounted UAV can be used for other applications according to Aerialtronics.