Airspace firm entering UAV filmmaking process

By Luke Geiver | December 18, 2014

Airspace Consulting, a southern California company with flight experience in manned and unmanned aerial systems, has announced its services to the film and cinematography industry. Earlier this year, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration provided an exemption to six video and photo production firm, allowing each to use UAVs for production purposes.

“Hollywood is undeniably excited about the potential for unmanned aircraft systems to take cinematography to the next level, but the requirements are extensive,” Gus Calderon, founder of Airspace said. “It’s looking like the burden of compliance is rigourous.”

To help cinematographers looking to deploy UAVs during production, Calderon and his team are providing their flight experience and industry knowledge. “Companies will need aviation professionals if they plan to meet the complex regulatory requirements,” he said.

Calderon and his team can help cinematographers apply for a certificate of authorization (COA) from the FAA. The process involves submitting detailed and operator specific information such as training manuals, operating manuals and safety procedures, and, authorized operators will need to comply with the FAA prior to reciving the COA. Because of that, Airspace Consulting believes that “commercial aviation professionals with extensive knowledge of unmanned technology are therefore essential for compliance with these requirements.”

Calderon has previously owned an air charter company. He also builds and operates UAVs, including a UAV-based platform used by Lady Gaga during a performance.