Airogistic implements xG Tech's cognitive radio for UAVs

By Emily Aasand | November 20, 2014

xG Technology, a developer of wireless communications and spectrum sharing technologies, has received an order from Airogistic LLC for xMax cognitive radio networking equipment that Airogistic plans to adapt for the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market.

xG Technology, a Florida-based company, makes wireless networks more intelligent, accessible, affordable and reliable, according to the company. They created the xMax for private, consumer and government networks.

“xMax can solve the crisis facing the wireless industry caused by data-hungry devices and applications that are straining network capacity. It eliminates the need to acquire scarce and expensive licensed spectrum, thus lowering the total cost of ownership for wireless broadband access,” xG Technology said.

Airogistic is developing infrastructure for UAV technologies including launch and landing stands that can be used to improve real world UAV application, including public safety, air monitoring, package delivery, farming and others. 

“xMax will allow the facilitation and strengthening of command, control and data transmission in UAV applications,” said Jeff Michalski, partner at Airogistic. “This will help provide improved performance and range, and reduced risk and liability for operators.” He added that the use of secure radios is a critical requirement in commercial UAV application.

“We are pleased to work with Airogistic in incorporating our advanced radio technologies into infrastructure for use in the market for commercial UAV applications,” said John Coleman, CEO of xG Technology. “While this is not a market we initially intended to pursue, Airogistic’s interest in the reliability and resilience inherent in the xMax solution led them to approach us, and we look forward to exploring additional opportunities in this emerging market.”

A 2014 study by research firm Teal Group said the UAV market is expected to represent the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry over the next decade. It also said among the key markets expected to show the most promise for commercial UAV applications are homeland security, civil services, industrial/infrastructure, agriculture, and scientific research and environmental.

“Commercial use of these applications is growing in sectors where we already see strong interest in our solutions including emergency management, law enforcement and infrastructure monitoring,” said Coleman. “UAV communications systems need to be secure, reliable and programmable via software, and these capabilities are a foundational aspect of our cognitive software and hardware platforms. It demonstrates the broad need for the assured communications xMax can deliver across numerous industries and applications.”