OMNITRU agreement gives UAV Solutions new markets

By Patrick C. Miller | September 18, 2014

An exclusive distribution agreement with OMNITRU Technologies LLC gives UAV Solutions access to markets in Colombia, Mexico, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for its products and services.

Under the agreement, OMNITRU will promote the sale of UAV Solutions products and provide customers with training, operations and maintenance, and integrated logistics support.

“We believe that UAV Solutions and OMNITRU are well positioned to address the growing demand for unmanned systems in the Middle East and Latin America,” said Quito Sáez, OMNITRU vice president and general counsel. “Working together our teams will deliver significant value to customers in these important markets.”

“OMNITRU’s proven experience and solid reputation will contribute to our success in these regions, said Billie Davidson, UAV Solutions president. “Their desire to form long-term partnerships with their customers aligns with our company goals and values.”

In addition to offering its product mix that includes the fixed-wing Talon 120 and Talon 240 UAS and multi-rotor platforms such as the Phoenix 60 Hexacopter and the Phoenix 15 and 30 Quadrotors, UAV Solutions and OMNITRU also will offer customized solutions that meet specific customer-driven mission requirements.

“The global market for unmanned systems is rapidly growing,” said Davidson. “With so many applications for our existing products, UAV Solutions is working with OMNITRU to position itself to properly address demand that we expect to come from various customers throughout the Middle East and Latin America.”

Davidson sees the UAS market growing beyond traditional military applications as potential-end users begin to understand the technology’s uses for law enforcement, border security, disaster response, search and rescue, the oil and gas industry, utilities and other public and private sector applications.

However, UAV Solutions plans to be active in military markets as well.

“We are also squarely focused on addressing the mission critical needs of our partner nation military forces,” Davidson said. “They are combatting serious threats that are significantly impacting regional security, economic stability and public safety and could benefit greatly from leveraging UAV Solutions fixed and rotary platforms for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.”

Davidson said the agreement could lead to further opportunities in international markets.

“As UAV Solutions expands its product offering and OMNITRU identifies additional growth opportunities, we will jointly evaluate expansion of our efforts into more countries,” she said. “UAV Solutions and OMNITRU both take a very customer-focused approach, and we intend to stay true to that by building this partnership on a strong foundation that will enable further international expansion based on our initial success of launching UAV Solutions products and services into these important international markets.”

OMNITRU Technologies LLC is a global solutions provider focused on delivering turnkey capabilities that support the most urgent requirements of customers in both public and private sectors.

UAV Solutions Inc. is a woman-owned small business that designs, manufactures and sells innovative unmanned systems. State-of-the-art facilities allow the company to rapidly design, assemble, integrate, and test high quality production systems.