AURA receives Women and Drones '2023 Company Innovation Award'

By AURA Network Systems | November 01, 2023

AURA Network Systems, a national pioneer in advanced aviation command-and-control (C2) communications considered crucial to certified uncrewed aircraft operations, has received the Women and Drones “2023 Company Innovation Award.” The honor was bestowed on the company at the organization’s 7th Annual Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards ceremony this week at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

AURA is designing and building a Federal Aviation Administration-compliant C2 communications network that will enable commercial uncrewed cargo planes and air taxis to safely navigate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Last month, the company joined the Ohio Department of Transportation’s FlyOhio initiative in announcing that its first commercial network operations purpose-built for autonomous flight will be based at Ohio’s Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.

Women and Drones CEO Sharon Rossmark congratulated the Virginia-based company. “Our panel of international judges selected AURA for this year’s Company Innovation Award based on the significant contributions that its women in various leadership positions are making to deliver secure and reliable communications for uncrewed aircraft systems.” She also pointed to AURA’s role in empowering women to enter the burgeoning Advanced Air Mobility industry.

AURA CEO Bill Tolpegin thanked Women and Drones for recognizing how AURA’s diversity has been critical to the company’s success. “In addition to being co-founded by a woman, the diverse talent pool we’ve assembled includes many women who are seasoned in both the aviation and telecom industries. Women serve in senior leadership positions in every AURA department, contributing to our overall efforts to provide deterministic connectivity links for both crewed and uncrewed applications that will transform our entire transportation system.”

AURA Senior Vice President of Software & Infrastructure Ginger McClendon also expressed her appreciation to the organization. “All of our employees take a great deal of pride in being honored by Women and Drones at this year’s awards ceremony. It’s particularly gratifying to receive the 2023 Company Innovation Award, as multiple women across every AURA department are tirelessly striving to ensure that safe BVLOS operations by remotely piloted aircraft become a reality.”