New unmanned aircraft company launched in Grand Forks, ND

By Meadowlark Aircraft Company | June 22, 2023

Meadowlark Aircraft Company has announced its intent to provide a new paradigm in mission-specific unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) manufacturing.  It will meet the most challenging demands from customers in a variety of industries including precision agriculture, National Defense, infrastructure inspection, and package delivery.  Clients will no longer have to compromise their requirements to fit generic aerial platforms.  Named in honor of North Dakota’s state bird, Meadowlark will leverage the robust UAS ecosystem in North Dakota and welcomes potential local and national partners with state-of-the-art aircraft component technologies wishing to participate in truly exceptional platform offerings.

Meadowlark founders are a team of seasoned aviation experts with a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing unmanned aircraft and associated avionics.  We will deliver reliable and efficient solutions that meet the optimized needs of our customers through:

  • Tightly integrated aircraft system design with innovative engineering across all major interactive sub-subsystems: airframe, propulsion, avionics, payload housing, and comm-link.
  • Focus on long-endurance vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) applications, field-configurable sensor packages, remotely piloted, as well as autonomous flight capable avionics.
  • Manufacturing flexibility to enable customer/mission specific yet cost effective production runs.
  • US/NATO sourced components with expanding reliance on North Dakota manufacturers.