A2Z Drone Delivery launches RDSX Pelican delivery drone

By A2Z Drone Delivery | May 12, 2023

A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc, developer of commercial drone delivery solutions, has released its new flagship delivery drone, the RDSX Pelican. The new Pelican leverages a hybrid VTOL airframe with no control surfaces to combine the reliability and flight stability of a multirotor platform, with the extended range of a fixed wing craft. With no ailerons, elevator or rudder, the Pelican’s durable-yet-simple design eliminates common points of failure and exponentially extends operational time between maintenance overhauls. Designed to meet the 55-pound takeoff weight limitation for FAA Part 107 compliance, the Pelican can carry payloads of 5 kilos on missions up to 40 kilometers roundtrip. Available in multiple model variations, the Pelican can be optimized for extended range operations or to deliver payloads from altitude with the company’s RDS2 drone delivery winch. A2Z Drone Delivery will first display the new RDSX Pelican at the upcoming AUVSI XPONENTIAL (May 9-11 in Denver, CO). For more information about the new RDSX Pelican, please visit: https://www.a2zdronedelivery.com/rdsxpelicanhome.


Available in multiple configurations, the RDSX Pelican can be customized for an array of missions. Configured with the A2Z Drone Delivery drone winch, the Pelican enables deliveries from altitude where spinning propellers are kept far from people and property, mitigating consumer privacy concerns of low-flying drones while abating intrusive rotor noise. Alternatively, for missions in which the drone is able to safely land at its destination, a simple servo-release mechanism can release payloads and expand the Pelican’s payload capacity. Beyond logistics use cases like residential deliveries, the Pelican can be fully customized to suit unique mission criteria such as aerial mapping, drone inspection, forestry services, search and rescue operations, water sample collection, offshore deliveries, mining, etc.


The Pelican’s hybrid fixed-wing/multirotor airframe eliminates the traditional control surfaces seen on most winged aircraft.  With no servos to replace and minimal moving parts, the Pelican’s simple-yet-robust design extends the time between recommended maintenance overhauls to reduce downtime and cost. To maximize scalability of those drone delivery ecosystems, the RDSX Pelican was also designed to minimize operational costs for commercial drone delivery fleets. Boasting an attractive 13 cents/kg/km operating cost, the RDSX Pelican delivers the efficiency, payload capacity and reach needed to scale a commercial drone delivery operation.


“Here at A2Z Drone Delivery, our development is not just about maximizing performance, it’s about creating usable tools designed to get work done,” said Aaron Zhang, Founder and CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc. “A full-service drone delivery ecosystem will need a fleet of short, medium and long-range UAV platforms capable of depositing payloads in an array of settings. The new RDSX Pelican is the highly efficient, long range delivery platform in that last-mile fleet. It is thoughtfully designed to minimize potential points of failure, reducing the overall cost-per-kilometer of logistics operations, all while providing maximum payload flexibility.”


New RDSX Pelican Features

Optimized with the A2Z Drone Delivery RDS2 drone winch, the Pelican features: 

  • Cruise Speed – 45 knot cruising speed to traverse routes quickly 
  • Max Payload Capacity Configurable up to 7-8 kg payload capacity 
  • Max Range 50 km max range with no payload/40 km max range with 5 kg payload 
  • Max Takeoff Weight 55lb. max takeoff weight 
  • Operational Costs – 13 cents per kilogram per kilometer
  • No Specialty Delivery Boxes – Requiring no specialty delivery boxes, the Pelican can accept any shape payload with dimensions up to 400 x 300 x 300mm
  • A2Z 4G Link – The automatic network selector seamlessly transitions between multiple 4G networks and a mesh radio link to optimize connectivity 
  • Payload Auto-Release – Patent-pending auto-release mechanism can deposit any box without the need for a human receiver
  • Parcel Pickup – Retrieve payloads up to 5 kg while maintaining hover at a safe altitude
  • General-Purpose Payload Hook Optional manual-release hook capable of delivering or picking up just about any payload with a handlebar
  • Passive Payload Lock – Secures cargo during flight
  • Tether Abandonment – Release the winch tether and payload should they become entangled
  • A2Z Ground Control Station – Portable ground control station enabled with A2Z QGroundControl
  • Intuitive Flight Controller – Ready to connect with any MAVLink-enabled device


Pricing & Configurations

Starting at $29,000, the all-new A2Z Drone Delivery RDSX Pelican is offered in multiple model variations to meet the needs of any enterprise delivery fleet or drone service provider. A2Z Drone Delivery can also fully customize the Pelican for missions outside last-mile drone delivery or other logistics operations. The RDSX Pelican is offered as:

  • RDSX Pelican with Winch – Optimized with the A2Z Drone Delivery RDS2 drone delivery winch system, this Pelican model accurately deposits payloads from altitude via tethered release. Keeping propellers far from ground obstructions such as trees, buildings or powerlines, this is the best option for delivery missions into unknown topography.
  • RDSX Pelican Payloads – For delivery missions in which the Pelican is able to safely land to deposit its payload, this model swaps the RDS2 drone winch for a simplified servo-release allowing the Pelican to carry even heavier payloads.
  • Custom RDSX Pelican – Leverage the extended range and payload lift capabilities of the Pelican’s hybrid VTOL airframe to meet any unique mission criteria. Customers can work directly with A2Z Drone Delivery’s engineering team to create a one-of-a-kind, mission-specific UAV platform for drone inspection deployments, search and rescue missions, or any other unique demands.



The company is now accepting pre-orders for the RDSX Pelican which will be fulfilled on a first-come-first-served basis with initial deliveries expected for June 2023. Operators looking to place a pre-order for the new Pelican in any of its available configurations, or customized for a unique mission, can contact A2Z Drone Delivery at https://www.a2zdronedelivery.com/