Iveda partners with Evergreen Aviation to bring UAVs to market

By Iveda | April 18, 2023

 Iveda® (NASDAQ:IVDA), the global solution for cloud-based AI video and sensor technologies, announced a partnership with aircraft maintenance solutions provider, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. (EGAT) to bring cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to the global market. Through this collaboration, Iveda will also gain worldwide rights to promote and sell military grade drones that can fly at 10,000 to 30,000 feet, vastly expanding EGAT’s reach cross-border.

Leveraging each company’s technological developments, Iveda and EGAT together will provide governments and military groups around the world access to state-of-the-art smart drones, effectively enhancing surveillance capabilities. Through this joint operation, EGAT will provide Iveda with the assets, technical support, and training to facilitate the promotion and sale of its UAV products on a global scale, especially important as Fortune Business Insights predicts the UAV drone market to reach $25.13B by 2027.

“At Iveda, we’re always keeping our ears to the ground surrounding the latest needs of government groups and municipalities around the world,” said David Ly, Iveda CEO and founder. “This partnership with EGAT was triggered by interests and solicitations to Iveda from multiple nations for military smart drones, and promises to bring innovative, state-of-the art UAV technology to the global market, driving growth for both companies.”

Together, EGAT and Iveda will explore the development of smart drone features, including Iveda’s AI Video Analytic and sensor technologies. Powered by AI technology, smart drones can send real-time alerts and detections to those monitoring for risks –– not just after the fact analysis. IvedaAI allows in-the-moment detection, allowing government and military officials to greatly speed up response times. Iveda-powered UAVs can monitor an expansive stretch of land in real time, making them critical, next-generation tools for military groups including coast guards. Providing visibility far beyond human sight, smart drones have the potential to prevent major security breaches, arming military and government associations around the globe with the technology needed to keep citizens safe.

“The entire EGAT team is thrilled to come together with Iveda to make major strides in the advancement of smart drones,” said Simon Hung, VP of Aviation Manufacturing at EGAT. “This partnership will undoubtedly take UAV technology to new heights, as we work with Iveda to expand our global footprint for national security and surveillance use cases and beyond.”

Through global partnerships and innovations like this, Iveda continues to expand its international footprint in AI, IoT, and smart city innovation. To learn more, visit: https://iveda.com/technology/iveda-smart-drone/