Sentrycs rebrand doubles down on secure drone economy

By Sentrycs | April 18, 2023

The technology leader in integrated anti-drone solutions, announced has been renamed Sentrycs. Under the direction of the US fund manager, Treo Asset Management, Sentrycs' rebrand is inspired by the company's commitment to protecting the sky from threats caused by unauthorized commercial drones, while enabling the progress drones are bringing to society, and contributing to a healthy drone economy.

The consumer drone market is rapidly expanding and is set to be valued at $11. 6 BN by 2030. However, the proliferation of drones and the pace of technological development - ensuring each model is more precise and intelligent than the prior, opens a pathway for criminals and actors with malicious intent as well as careless or reckless users to take advantage. Solutions that address the misuse of drones must keep pace with the burgeoning capabilities drones possess. Developed and refined by Sentrycs, the integrated counter-drone solution leverages protocol analytics to autonomously detect, track, and identify drones approaching a perimeter, as well as their remote-control locations, determining if they are authorized drones to then implement remediations.

Sentrycs' counter drone solution has the unique capability to command, redirect and complete craft takeover when required. This best-in-class, holistic countermeasure can easily be installed and quickly deployed in any terrain. It can protect all manner of facilities, infrastructure, or convoy - large or small. Sentrycs protocol-based system is the only solution suited for dense urban areas as it does not depend on line of sight, is less affected by noise, does not interfere with communications and navigation systems and does not inflict any collateral damage. Equally important, it is a mandatory complement to any Unmanned Traffic Management system as it protects against unwanted commercial drones without disrupting the operation of authorized drones.

"In the last couple of years, we have put all of our efforts in building a technology-leading fully integrated, anti-drone solution, based on our distinct protocol analytics platform. We have taken it upon ourselves to join forces with other players in the UAV ecosystem, to build together a safe and secure drone-powered future. We are grateful for Treo Asset Management's continued support in the journey to fulfill our vision," said Yoav Zaltzman, CEO at Sentrycs.

Sentrycs automatically detects, tracks, identifies, takes over and safely mitigates drones' threats, with zero collateral damage and no interference. Sentrycs is perfectly suited for urban and sensitive environments, where disrupting ongoing communication signals, GNSS or compromising people and infrastructure safety isn't an option.

"We are thrilled to be supporting Sentrycs, said Jeffrey Dunn, Partner at Treo Asset Management. Sentrycs has developed world-class domain expertise and a significant technological edge that's making waves in the drone ecosystem where very few players can bring a sustainable, safe, and scalable solution. The next chapter of the drone economy will see the type of innovations the industry is in desperate need of, and we are proud to join Sentrycs throughout this journey."