AUVSI Lanuches Green UAS Cybersecurity Certification Program

By AUVSI | February 23, 2023


AUVSI announced the launch of Green UAS, a new program to expand the number of commercial Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) that have been verified to meet the highest levels of cybersecurity and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) supply chain requirements. Green UAS mirrors the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)’s Blue UAS certification program but is designed for customers who do not immediately require Department of Defense (DoD) authority to operate. Green UAS also offers a more streamlined pathway to the Blue UAS 2.0 cleared list. 
Green UAS is the next evolution of drone security certification for customers who are increasingly relying on commercial, off-the-shelf drones to conduct diverse operations. These users include federal government agencies, local law enforcement, first responders and state departments of transportation; and industrial enterprise users such as energy and utilities, telecoms, manufacturing, food and agriculture, and logistics and mapping/surveying companies. 
DIU’s Blue UAS has successfully created a pathway for the DoD to purchase compliant commercial drone technology that meets the requirements Congress set forth in the 2020 NDAA; however, the program does not have the funding or mandate to scale to meet growing demand for non-DoD customers in government, civil and commercial sectors. 
Strengthening the domestic drone industry is critical in providing options for Government agencies to get the trusted UAS they need to meet their mission— and industry organizations are well-suited to help the Government meet the need for a rapid, scalable solution,” said David Michelson, DIU Program Manager for Blue UAS. “We look forward to reviewing AUVSI’s certifications when drone companies that are Green UAS certified have a DoD sponsor that wants them to convert to Blue UAS certification.” 
Green UAS is the first product of AUVSI’s broader Trusted Cyber Program, which AUVSI launched in August 2022 with collaboration from Fortress Information Security, a leading cybersecurity firm with experience in industry-led cyber standards development. AUVSI will work with a network of cybersecurity firms to rapidly vet drones that are seeking Green UAS certification. Elements that will be assessed include product and device security, corporate cyber hygiene, and for drones that are not seeking to go from Green to Blue, remote operations and connectivity.    
This launch also builds on the collaboration AUVSI announced with DIU in September 2022 to further commercial cyber methodologies to build a shared requirement. AUVSI’s unique position with commercial drone vendors and close coordination with DIU gives its Trusted Cyber Program the unique ability to meet growing demand for vetted drones and to standardize cybersecurity requirements. 
“AUVSI’s Green UAS is a solution to existing cybersecurity and supply chain verification challenges and will serve the UAS community, end-users, and federal partners,” said Michael Robbins, Chief Advocacy Officer at AUVSI. “This falls squarely in line with our mission to help drive a safe and secure UAS market demand and provide a more competitive marketplace for all.”