Dronetag Synchronization Now Available via DroneLogbook

By Dronetag | January 09, 2023

The new partnership between Dronetag and DroneLogbook allowscommercial pilots using the DroneLogbook platform to import telemetryflight data from Dronetag Remote ID devices. In addition to the telemetrydata from manufacturers DJI, Wingtra or Sensefly, the users ofDroneLogbook can now use data from dedicated Remote ID devices as abackup channel in case standard APIs don’t work or pilot’s drone modelis not supported. This integration provides DroneLogbook users with anadditional robust tool enabling professional pilots in the US, Europe andother countries to fulfill their legal obligations as they must regularlypresent complete flight data to the local and national offices responsiblefor airspace safety.

The manufacturer of Remote ID devices, Dronetag, announces a new partnership withDroneLogbook, a platform for telemetry data logging, compliance and comprehensivemanagement of commercial UAV fleets.

“The huge advantage for professional pilots is that we regularly maintain and update our APIwhile its functionality is not affected by any firmware updates. The downtime of Dronetagintegration with services like DroneLogbook is almost non-existent, which is something thatcannot be said about features built into drones by their manufacturers. The pilots usingDronetag now have a reliable backup in case of malfunction that prevents them fromuploading data to the DroneLogbook and presenting them to the local airspace authority,”explains the benefits of Dronetag integration CEO and co-founder of Dronetag Lukas Brchl.

DroneLogbook has tens of thousands of active pilots using their public platforms and over100 organizations running DroneLogbook on private label servers. DroneLogbookprocesses thousands of flights every day; its users are almost exclusively professional pilotsfrom the commercial sector using the app to comply with local regulations of drone airspace.DroneLogbook allows them to import flight logs to auto-fill flight data, view GNSS trace andplay it back in 3D. The app supports more than 80 log file types from all majormanufacturers: DJI, Parrot, Autel, Wingcopter, FlyAbility, Wingtra, SenseFly, Yuneec, andnow also from the Remote ID manufacturer Dronetag.

“The new integration allows users to automatically sync flight logs from Dronetag App to theirDroneLogbook accounts. Added value for users is that they can now import the telemetry ofdrones that are currently not supported by DLB Sync, Autel Explorer and others as Dronetagdevices are completely independent on the drone platform. Using DroneLogbook + Dronetagis not only the way to become compliant with the latest regulations, but also an easy optionto have the data of your whole drone fleet in a single platform regardless of what dronemanufacturers you use at the moment,” states Yves Jusot, the co-founder and CEO ofDroneLogbook.

The professional pilots will soon (this requirement is going to be mandated in the US and EUduring 2023) become forced to comply with the Remote ID policy, so in this light, the newpartnership is also a proactive step in preparing the whole drone world for the upcominginnovation. By using DroneLogBook and Dronetag, the pilots not only become compliant withthe latest regulations, but they can have the data of all their drone fleets in one singleplatform regardless of what drone manufacturers they use now.