HUVRdata Welcomes Airdata UAV to its Partner Network Ecosystem

By HUVRdata, Inc. | December 05, 2022

On November 30th, at ASME’s Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance, HUVRdata, Inc. welcomed AirData UAV to the HUVR Partner Network (HPN).

As industrial regulations continue to expand in complexity and grow to address new assets, companies must change their inspection workflows to gather the necessary data for safety and compliance. Drones and other new tools are helping to ensure compliance with evolving regulations, as robotic tools can quickly collect far more data at a far larger scale. However, all this new data requires an inspection data management software platform (IDMS) to ensure it is transformed into actionable insights—and the tools themselves often bring more regulations that must be considered.

HUVRdata and AirData both have purpose-built robotic measurement tools to meet the needs of industrial inspections. They also enable robotics to assist in maintaining compliance with standards set by various governing bodies, including  API, DOT, FAA, TC, etc.  AirData facilitates detailed reporting on drone and pilot data via the HUVR IDMS platform. With AirData as a partner,  HUVR will now offer customers the ability to see and manage both inspection data and pilot and drone flight information in a single platform.

“Implementing AirData’s Enterprise Fleet Management software into the HUVR partner network will empower users to focus on the task at hand,” said Zev Laderman, Executive Chairman of AirData. “Pilots will be able to utilize their drone flights and equipment for a safe, efficient, and productive inspection workload.” 

HUVR has been helping industrial equipment owners and inspection companies effectively manage and perform inspections on critical components of heavy industry for many years, enabling immediate ROI and improved production KPIs. This is accomplished by providing a complete digitized inspection workflow for the collection, management and storage of inspection data. 

“By integrating data from AirData, we are closing the loop on capturing all the data needed for an asset owner to comply with drone-related regulations,” said Bob Baughman, CEO of HUVRdata. “This is another step in how HUVR helps to improve a company’s safety, compliance and operational excellence.”