Clear-Com Delivers Clear and Secure Communication for Mission-Critical Operations

At the heart of delivering a successful unmanned systems mission is the ability for all crew members to communicate with each other quickly, clearly and seamlessly.
By UAS Magazine | September 19, 2022

At the heart of delivering a successful unmanned systems mission is the ability for all crew members to communicate with each other quickly, clearly and seamlessly. But how best to link together this distributed team, from the Pilot Operator to the Sensor Operator, to Intel to Weather? And how best to ensure seamless connectivity from the Ground Control Station (GCS) unit back to the Squadron Operations Center (SOC)? 

Clear-Com’s solutions for Unmanned Systems offer an integrated, single-source system for all voice communications across different third-party peripherals including two-way radios and VoIP/SIP devices, all integrated with Clear-Com endpoints such as fixed intercom panels, virtual clients on PCs or mobile phones, and wireless beltpacks. Enterprise-wide communication systems are facilitated through IP connectivity across LANs, while local GCS units can quickly deploy analog or IP systems on existing networks.

“We provide real-time full duplex voice communications for mission-critical situations,” says Kevin Broce, Government Account Manager, Clear-Com. “In addition, our communications are designed for everyone involved.  With our broad portfolio, we can integrate any number of different workflows into a seamless, cohesive system. This includes physical workflows, such as stationary operators and physically mobile users, located in near and far locations, but also communication workflows, such as intercom, telephones, radios, or VoIP.  We can even integrate multiple security domains into a single, seamless system.”

Clear-Com is uniquely positioned to provide a better communication experience with multiple security levels using their Audio Multi-level Security solution, or A-MLS. This proprietary solution was developed for situations in which operators would benefit from the ability to listen to many nets, classifications or security domains, while simultaneously speaking on any one. Previously, operators in these environments were forced into simplex workflows, talk OR listen, often involving cumbersome situations wearing multiple headsets, each connected to isolated systems. Now, operators can work with an integrated and effective duplex workflow, talk AND listen, even transmitting on unclassified channels while simultaneously listening to multiple classified channels. This Audio Multi-level Security capability is accredited by the Sixteenth Air Force and available as a scalable à la carte solution, either integrating into existing Clear-Com deployments, or bolting onto third party systems. 

For more than 50 years, Clear-Com has led the industry with high quality intercom solutions that meet the critical communication needs of the military, aerospace, and government. Internationally recognized for the reliability and innovation of its voice communication systems, Clear-Com has been deployed in more than 100 countries worldwide and has improved collaboration, bolstered high productivity, and even transformed work environments. Not only is Clear-Com utilized by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Homeland Security, and every major U.S. government contractor, but also for space and missile defense programs, as well as missile test ranges and ground control stations for unmanned aircraft systems. Clear-Com delivers the right mix of experience, competencies, and flexibility to work with customers seeking to perform at the highest level.

Author: UAS Magazine Staff