New technologies flew high at International Drone Show in Denmark

By Odense Robotics | September 06, 2022

Drone companies from Denmark, Europe and the U.S. flocked to the International Drone Show last week to showcase technologies and get updated on the latest drone developments. The annual expo and conference in Odense, Denmark, got a big thumbs up from international drone companies, who said the level of innovation and business opportunities was outstanding.   

“The energy and innovation on display here is at the same level as when we visit the big drone fairs in the United States. I am really happy to be here and learn about drone developments in Europe - a market we are looking to enter,” said attendee Kevin Colburn, CEO of Commaris, which operates within long distance inspection of assets via drone technology. 

“Being a part of the show gives us the opportunity to get to know a lot of new companies and potentially collaborate with them in the future. UAS Denmark International Test Center is in an important entry point for drone companies and Odense is a very interesting place buzzing with development. ” 

The packed conference programme included talks from Danish energy giant Ørsted, Danish Defence, Skydio and OneSky Systems from the U.S. and the British company Skyports, which presented how to create infrastructure for future unmanned traffic systems by connecting vertiports for cargo and passenger drones. 

The International Drone Show is an annual expo and conference arranged by Odense Robotics and UAS Denmark International Test Center at HCA Airport in Odense, Denmark. The test centre offers key testing facilities and BVLOS flights. Its current airspace available at 24 hours’ notice totals 1,900 km2 over land and sea.  

“UAS Denmark International Test Center is one of the most interesting places to test drone technology in Europe. The centre offers companies the ability to conduct advanced testing. And the facilities are much more readily available to users than in the U.K. for example, where testing over water is not an option like here in Denmark. OneSky is on the lookout for a new office and Odense is at the top of the list,” said Toby Potter, Head of Business Development at OneSky. 

Around 300 people attended the drone show to learn about the latest drone trends, debate the industry’s current challenges and watch live drone demonstrations. The participation of so many drone industry stakeholders in the show underlines that Denmark is indeed at the heart of drone developments, says Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Centre:  

”The fact that so many influential stakeholders gather at the International Drone Show shows just how interesting drone developments are in Denmark. We are hoping to welcome back many of the companies at next year’s show or as users of the test center.”