AUVSI to Present the Dawn of Drones Podcast in 2023

By P3 Tech Consulting | August 30, 2022

The Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) announces a new collaboration with Colorado-based P3 Tech Consulting LLC (P3 Tech) and New-York’s MJN Associates to present the popular Dawn of Drones podcast across AUVSI platforms for the upcoming 2023 season.

The Dawn of Drones podcast connects a global audience directly with the game-changing people and platforms who are making a difference in the advanced air mobility, drone and autonomous industries. It provides the latest developments that impact the industry and supplies critical information for businesses to succeed in it.

The 45-minute show features all-star guests from the uncrewed ecosystem who discuss their efforts, linked to monthly themes, such as “Defense,” “Industry Diversity” and “Innovation.” It has been listed as one of the best drone podcasts to follow in 2022.

Dawn Zoldi, CEO and Founder of P3 Tech, an emerging tech consulting and content creation business, hosts the show. A  28-year U.S. Air Force retired Colonel, licensed attorney and globally renowned industry expert, she received this year’s Airwards People’s Choice - Industry Impactor, was listed as one of the Top 100 Women in Aviation and Aerospace to Follow on LinkedIn and in the 2022 eVTOL Insights Powerbook.

Zoldi and producer Mike Pehel, CEO of MJN Associates, former Chair of the InterDrone Conference, began airing the show in August 2021, in collaboration with DroneLife, a top-ranked and leading global drone news and information outlet. They partnered with DroneLife on both the show’s inaugural season and throughout 2022.

For the remainder of this year, the Dawn of Drones podcast will continue to live stream every Wednesday at 9am MT/11 am ET simultaneously to DroneLife’s channels (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Discord, Facebook) and LinkedIn, with downloadable audio on Spotify, Apple, and Google platforms plus additional access through Zoldi’s Patreon. All of these episodes will remain available on both DroneLife TV and Zoldi’s YouTube channels into the future.

“We value our continued relationship with DroneLife. All of us grew through the Dawn of Drones podcast,” said Zoldi. “As part of the natural evolution of our businesses, we agreed to take new paths to better complement and grow our work and initiatives. We will always be super fans of DroneLife!”  Zoldi will continue writing for DroneLife news as a contributing author.

“Dawn and Mike have done a terrific job of introducing new companies and products to the market,” says Miriam McNabb, DRONELIFE Editor.  “The podcast is a perfect fit for AUVSI’s mission of driving growth in industry.  We’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Dawn and Mike – keep looking out for Dawn’s in-depth reporting on new developments on DRONELIFE.”

In 2023, the Dawn of Drones podcast will stream live across AUVSI’s website and various other channels, including YouTube, where the content will also ultimately endure, with additional distribution on various P3 Tech/MJN channels.

Zoldi’s related Drone Law Connections drop-in audio chat club on the Clubhouse app will also continue to run every Thursday at 11am MT/1pm ET on the Thursday, both this and next year.

Independently, Zoldi and Pehel will continue to produce their newly launched technology-focused news and leadership-focused podcasts and Twitter Spaces discussions, called Full Crew and Full TILT (Tech Industry Leadership Talks).

AUVSI and P3 Tech’s current arrangement on the Dawn of Drones podcast builds on their prior work together. P3 Tech hosted its first successful Law-Tech Connect™ Workshop co-located event with AUVSI XPONENTIAL2022, the world’s premier event for uncrewed systems and autonomy. The dynamic one-day educational workshop connected a diverse group of uncrewed ecosystem thought leaders, professionals, attorneys, academics, nonprofit and government personnel with world-class legal, regulatory and policy knowledge relating to multi-domain uncrewed systems and enabling technologies. For attorneys, the event qualified as an accredited Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program. AUVSI plans to again partner with P3 Tech on another Law-Tech Connect Workshop at its XPONENTIAL in Denver, Colorado in May 2023. The 2022 workshop content should also be available for on-demand access on AUVSI’s newly launched Aville platform.

AUVSI Director of Industry Education, Keely Griffith, said, “AUVSI serves as the industry focal point to connect and collaborate with the creators, users and regulators of uncrewed systems. We are thrilled to partner with P3 Tech on the Dawn of Drones podcast to further our mutual mission to facilitate the successful integration of these systems at scale by providing audiences with deeper insights into the companies and issues that are making a difference and contributing to our industry’s long-term success.”

For more information about how to book your guest appearance on the 2023 Dawn of Drones podcast, contact Dawn Zoldi at info@p3techconsulting or Mike Greeson at [email protected].