Dronedek Announces Partnership with Joule Case

By Dronedek | July 19, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS – July 19, 2022 – Dronedek, known for its “mailbox of the future” that will provide secure deposit of autonomously and traditionally delivered packages, today announced a partnership with Joule Case to provide reliable, emissions-free battery power to the units.

“We met the Joule Case team at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and were impressed with their sustainability mission as well as the reliability of their batteries – even in an outdoor setting where weather can wreak havoc,” said Dronedek CEO, Dan O’Toole. “We align well and couldn’t be more excited to partner with Joule Case.”

Based in Seattle, Washington, Joule Case is leading the green revolution with a next generation battery technology that can silently power anything from food trucks to the main stage to EV fleets without the toxic fumes and noise produced by traditional gas-powered generators, Joule Case battery systems are energy-agnostic and capable of storing energy from solar, wind and other renewable sources as well as traditional energy inputs.

Joule Case has just launched a new investment round, seeking an additoinal $5 million to fuel continued growth and expansion into new markets where clean, safe and cost-efficient renewable power is a strategic priority and an ideal match with the company's portable, emission-free energy storage expertise and product line.

"We noticed Dronedek because of its incredible fundraising record and knew we could help them with long-term power reliability, regardless of location" said Joule Case CEO James Wagoner.

"Our partnerhips are leading the way when it comes to helping the planet whil also improving customers' lives," O'Toole said.

Dronedek is planning to launch another fundraising round in the next several weeks.