PBS Unveils New Turbojet Engine TJ80M

By Prvni brnenska storjirna Velka Bites (PBS) | December 10, 2021

PBS comes with a modified propulsion unit, the turbojet engine PBS TJ80M. TJ80M is a small sub-sonic jet engine designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including target drones, remote carriers, unmanned combat systems, and other disposable aircraft.

The result of subsequent development programmes of the PBS TJ80 engine is the significantly improved PBS TJ80M, which was officially launched at the International Defence Industry Fair, IDEF for short, held in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 17, 2021.

The engine's PBS TJ80M main advantage is the excellent thrust-to-weight ratio of 1,200 N at 12.8 kg including accessories, while the diameter remained the same of TJ80 engine -  only 235 mm.
The engine TJ80M has several design upgrades, especially in the field of new flow parts - modernized compressor stage and upgraded axial turbine -  and also new fuel system.

Prvni brnenska strojirna Velka Bites, a. s. (PBS) is a Czech company focused on development, production and testing of small turbojet, turboprop and turboshaft engines, auxiliary power units (APU) and environmental control systems (ECS). PBS turbojet engines offer a thrust range of 400 – 1,500 Newtons and an excellent thrust-to-weight ratio. PBS APU and ECS are proven in thousands of aircraft and helicopters all over the world. PBS is also a leading European precision casting foundry.