DARTdrones Partners with LinkedAll to Announce Training Course

By DARTdrones | June 08, 2021

Salt Lake City, Utah - Utah based drone training company and the nation’s leader in drone training, DARTdrones, has partnered with LinkedAll Aerial Solution to bring new oil & refinery drone training course to the oil capital of the nation, Houston, Texas.

LinkedAll Aerial solutions, a leading DJI dealer and repair center, was founded in 2015 with an objective to create an environment where drone enthusiasts can come together to share what they love. “We are ecstatic about partnering with DARTdrones because we want to be able to give the best resources to our drone community. We truly believe that DARTdrones is the best drone training service on the market and we want to be able to give top service to anyone who visits or comes in contact with our company. To us, this partnership means being the guide our clients need so they may be successful in their drone journey.” Ricky Yu, LinkedAll owner stated.

DARTdrones’ upcoming Aerial Refinery Inspections Workshop is a five-day in-person course that will be held at the Houston LinkedAll location July 26 – 30. There, students will learn Matrice flight training, aerial mapping and modeling, industrial inspections, aerial thermography, emergency response, and work through 11 hands-on flight sessions with inspections expert and manned pilot, Karl Schwab.

“I’m delighted to be able to share my unique inspection experience with students during this workshop. It’s great that DARTdrones is now offering such a specific drone training course for this niche. It’s an outstanding value and there is honestly nothing quite like this course on the market today. Students interested in refinery inspection will leave with a substantial upper hand when it comes to landing these types of drone jobs.”

Individuals interested in learning more about this upcoming course are encouraged to visit https://www.dartdrones.com/workshops/refinery-inspections-advanced-drone-training


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