Skycharge Unveils Skyport DP5 Compact Drone Charging Hangar

By Skycharge | April 22, 2021

Berlin-based Skycharge GmbH is announcing its second round of financing led by venture capital Boundary Holding, along with the product launch of our first industrialized drone charging port for commercial drones SKYPORT DP5.

About Skycharge
In 2014 Skycharge (formerly Skysense) brought the world’s first drone charging pad for commercial drones on the market. The company raised seed funding from Qualcomm Ventures and started collaborations with NASA JPL, a growing number of enterprises, drone manufacturers, and renowned startups. Following the growing adoption of the Skycharge technology across the drone industry, the company now received venture funding to grow the team, expand operations, and bring a new generation of products to life!

“Helping Skycharge, is of utmost importance for Boundary Holding. We have a major interest in the drone and space fields, and we definitely encourage this young start-up to keep up their hard work and to become more and more intertwined with all the actors in the drone industry. No doubt that Skycharge with this first industrialized drone charging port for commercial drones opens new perspectives, and it is clear that Boundary Holding – through an already strong network of 14 companies related to air and space – is determined to be of strong support.” - Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding.

Why is Skycharge a key enabler?
Keeping drone missions operational requires enterprises to organize teams of certified pilots that manually bring and collect drones from the field, swap and charge batteries, perform pre/post-flight checks, component maintenance, and data management. Human involvement is generally complex to organize, often lacking efficiency, reliability, and safety is always time-consuming.

SKYPORT DP5 keeps drones operational without human involvement.
SKYPORT DP5 is an automatic drone hangar engineered to install the drone where is needed, keeping it charged, protected, and ready for automatic, on-demand, and scheduled missions.

The system is engineered for compact drones including DJI Mavic and Parrot ANAFI series, and comes integrated with FlytBase mission planner. Over the next months the ecosystem of supported drone brands and mission planners is planned to grow.

A quick summary of the features that make SKYPORT DP5 a first in class drone charging
● CE certification and safety rated
● IP65 protection
● Inox steel construction
● Optional high-performance HVAC extending operating temperature to -35C and +65C
● Zero-maintenance charging platform with no moving mechanical parts
● Up to 500W charging at zero-loss-efficiency
● Anti-theft electromechanical locking

For pricing information and orders:

SKYPORT DP5, along with all the Skycharge products comes with deep integration with the
renowned mission planner FlytBase.

Together with FlytBase, Skyport DP5 can be implemented for automatic missions in various
● Warehouse Management
● Security & Surveillance
● Infrastructure Inspection
● Emergency Response
● Delivery & Fleet Survey

Missions and drone charging stations are monitored and controlled via a simple dashboard.

Why is Skycharge a differentiator?
Drone manufacturers in a competitive environment find in Skycharge a trusted ally and a differentiator and now adopted by a growing number of enterprises globally. The integration of Skycharge is made simple through cross-platform and lightweight retrofit kits and powerful APIs, as well as fast technical support and customer service.

More information about Skycharge and its product lines can be found at and [email protected]

About Boundary Holding
Founded by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding is a European investment firm that invests in technologies enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution. It has invested in Artificial Intelligence companies that integrate revolutionary technologies around IoT, Drones, Robotics, Big Data, Health, Environment and Safety. Boundary Holding identifies unique technology companies which have just started commercialization and have a disruptive business and can grow quickly. It narrows down on firms that have converted unconventional ideas into a reality, and have the potential to grab upcoming market opportunities. Our focus is to invest in pre-series A, series A, and pre-series B stages and enable companies via actual business understanding and connections to grow their revenues by expansion in different markets. We are not a pure financial fund but since we invest our own prop money, we work closely with founders being entrepreneurs ourselves to help expand the business, onboard the right teams and investors (only if needed), and fighting competitors.