Union Robotics Releases Professional Grade Cleaning Wipes

By Union Robotics | June 08, 2020

Drone use in the energy industry is an economical, safety enhancing measure that is heightened in its efficiency when paired with effective accessories. In the interest of providing complete solution systems for the energy sector, Union Robotics, a manufacturer of dielectric UAVs, also develops professional training programs and accessories for all drone users. The newest addition to the Union Robotics product line is a professional grade cleaning wipe that uses a proprietary formula to disinfect and de-fog drones, cameras, and controls, as well as reduce static. Regular use of SHIELD™ towelettes will extend the life of valuable equipment by keeping it clean and ready to work.

“Our goal of providing safety solutions for clients also means developing corollary products that enhance usage and performance,” says Ezekiel Bierschank, CEO of Union Robotics. “Our new SHIELD™ professional cleaning wipes were specifically developed for cleaning UAS frames and components before and after flight, and in addition to possessing antibacterial, anti-fog, anti-static, and non-streaking properties, they’re also able to provide a temporary moisture barrier on sensitive optics.”

“Many of the cleaners developed for field use contain up to 70% isopropyl alcohol, making them ineffective at preventing fogging on optics. Isopropyl alcohol is a diluted alcohol that doesn’t disinfect until it’s completely dry. And since it isn’t pure, it always leaves a residue on the surface, which means that over time, it will degrade optics, and even other materials like carbon fiber, painted surfaces and plastics. It’s not a long term solution.”

“The SHIELD™ formula uses a distilled, pure alcohol that’s been filtered--no impurities to leave behind and form a residue. It also kills bacteria and viruses immediately, upon contact, because of the purity level. Since it’s an alcohol concentrate, there are no impurities to interfere with the anti-fog additives, and the moisture barrier stays active. This purified alcohol kills bacteria, but allows the shield against moisture to be put in place. It’s safe for carbon fiber, optics and other materials, but for a high-voltage environment, it is ideally paired with our dielectric, non-conductive UAVs; The value of SHIELD™ professional cleaning wipes is crucial for the energy sector, where reduction of static is an important safety element.”

Bierschank notes that while SHIELD™ professional cleaning wipes were engineered for UAV use, they’re also suitable for metals, carbon-fiber, polycarbonate, glass, plastic, painted surfaces and much more. They provide multi-faceted usefulness in an environment where antibacterial cleansing is more important than ever, as it is with the outbreak of COVID-19.

To learn more, visit union-robotics.com, or call 1-888-864-6680.