Spain drone developer breaks flight endurance record

By Luke Geiver | March 09, 2020

A hybrid multirotor developed by Spain-based Quaternium has set a flight time record of eight hours and ten minutes. At 490 minutes of flight time, Quaternium’s world record endurance flight was nearly one hour longer than the previous record, according to the company.

Quaternium first started developed unmanned aircraft vehicles six years ago. Since then, the company has worked to break flight endurance records.

The platform combines electrical systems and batteries with the use of a 2-stroke gas engine powered by 95 octane fuel with a four percent oil mixture ratio. The platform weighs roughly 55 pounds and features a payload of 22 pounds. On a full payload, the platform can fly for roughly two hours. The system has a cruising range of 30 miles per hour to 50 mph.

The Hybrix model used for the record setting flight was modified to utilize more fuel.

Many long-endurance drones involved in record setting flights have relied on hydrogen powered systems.

For a video on the record flight, click here.