CUAS maker announces another $10M contract

By Luke Geiver | January 16, 2020

Following the news that the U.S. Pentagon has begun standing up a counter unmanned aircraft systems division, a Colorado maker of CUAS technology has announced another sale and delivery of its containerized CUAS solution.

Liteye Systems said it has delivered a $10 million solution to the U.S. Government. The containterized system features an operator suite hardened for use in any climate that can be moved from location to location with ease.

“Liteye has AUDS operating all over the world,” stated Kenneth Geyer, CEO. “As we’re seeing drone incidents escalate, it’s imperative that we’re more diligent about our technology improvements, on-time delivery and performance standards. We continue working with our end-users and partners to layer capabilities into the system to remain effective against the new threats recently seen in the news.”

Late last year, Liteye revealed the impact its CUAS systems were having on the company. In Colorado, the company opened a new 55,000 square foot facility to meet the manufacturing demands of its clients.

According to Liteye, the company has more than $70 million worth of CUAS contracts with the U.S. governement and more than 1,000 defeats of encournters with ISIS, the Taliban, and others.