Sentera, Anheuser Busch partner for use of drones, ag data

By Luke Geiver | December 18, 2019

Anheuser Busch InBev is turning to drones to ensure the stability of its barley acres. Through a long-term partnership with Minneapolis-based Sentera, AB InBev will utilize the expertise of Sentera and its understanding of drones, weather data, satellite imagery and mobile phone imagery.

AB InBev will be looking to bolster its SmartBarley platform which is designed to help growers improve productivity but also secure the future of the barley supply chain.

SmartBarley’s analytics and alerting tools give agronomists unparalleled capability to rapidly detect problems, analyze alternatives, and work with farmers to take action. Precise, accurate data enables tailored application of crop inputs and water resources, eliminating overapplication and overuse of products and delivering the insights needed for growers to optimize land stewardship.

“We are excited to support AB InBev around sustainability and grower empowerment,” said Eric Taipale, CEO at Sentera. “AB InBev has made a powerful set of commitments to its growers, customers, and stakeholders. Likewise, Sentera’s technology has repeatedly demonstrated that farmer success, economic empowerment, and sustainable practices go hand-in-hand. This is a dramatic first for the CPG market, and we are proud to be teamed with AB InBev in this effort.”

Sentera works with many of the largest agriculture, forestry, and consumer-packaged goods companies to help drive efficiency and productivity through AI-driven digital insights.

Sentera is the global technology leader for in-season data, analytics, and insights for growers, deployed at scale. Sentera’s products make it easy for users to integrate in-field data insights with the digital ag platforms in use by more than 80 percent of the growers in North America. Sentera’s equipment has flown tens of millions of acres all over the world, and processes hundreds of terabytes of new data for its customers every year.