ParaZero, Helios bring drone flights over people to Chicago

By Luke Geiver | November 06, 2019

Helios Visions is now flying drone flights over people in Chicago, and once again, ParaZero is a major reason why. Helios, a Chicago-based drone service provider, is now utilizing ParaZero’s parachute system. Earlier this year, ParaZero made history by helping secure the first ever U.S. Federal Aviation Administration waiver for flights over people because of its safety technology that deploys instantly to stop an out-of-control platform from causing undue harm.

Helios secured a Part 107.39 waiver from the FAA because of its integration of ParaZero technology. “With this waiver, Helios Visions can meet increasing customer demands within our architecture engineering and construction projects, along with our commercial real estate and development applications,” said Ted Parisot, Helios co-founder.

Helios is now only the forty-seventh company in the U.S. to receive the Part 107.39 waiver. According to Helios, only 30 drone firms have earned the waiver.

"We are thrilled that leading companies like Helios Visions are able to use our product to increase their safe and legal flight envelope.  This waiver will allow Helios Visions to operate with an increased level of safety and efficiency,” said Avi Lozowick, vice president, policy and strategy, ParaZero.

Helios mainly serves the architecture, engineering and construction industry along with additional focuses in the commercial real estate and environmental protection and conservation sectors.

ParaZero, based in Israel, provides off-the-shelf SafeAir packages along with customized parachute options. The company has provided technology for the Northern Plains UAS Test Site, Verizon, Lufthansa and several others.