Comm-link provider for drone flights partners with Robotic Skies

By SqwaQ | October 23, 2019

Robotic Skies Inc, the first and only global MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) network for commercial UAS, and SqwaQ, a global SD-WAN company offering a powerful new redundant comm-link that enables drones to fly unlimited-range BVLOS, have signed an agreement that grants the Robotic Skies Service Center network access to distribute, retrofit, and provide field MRO services for SqwaQ communications equipment.

SqwaQ’s patented, postcard-sized communications modem aggregates the bandwidth of up to twelve 3G/4G/LTE data connections. This powerful multi-redundant massive throughput enables reliable drone command and control nationwide, with simultaneous streaming of pilot view cameras, as well as downward-facing cameras and sensors.

Supporting live FPV (First-Person View) camera streaming nationwide, the SqwaQbox gives remote pilots the enhanced experience of flying with an onboard cockpit perspective, just like in manned aircraft, for increased situational awareness and safety. It also validates pilot credentials, pre-flight aircraft registration, and FAA flight plan authorizations. SqwaQ can provision data services on over 600 global cellular networks across 130 countries.

“SqwaQ is building the only carrier-agnostic network on which all aircraft can operate up to 5,500-feet in altitude with robust connectivity onboard. Our agreement with Robotic Skies is an important part of this vision,” said Ted Lindsley, CEO of SqwaQ. “As our equipment and services proliferate worldwide, we need front end distribution partners who also have backend MRO service capabilities and an understanding of FAA rules and regulations. Robotic Skies has all of these, and we share the same long-range vision of where the industry is going.”

SqwaQ’s global, flexible, and secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator solution will empower drones, air taxis, helicopters, and other aircraft to safely share the same airspace transforming industries like pipeline monitoring, power line inspection, perimeter security, border patrol, e911 emergency response, broadcasting, and more.

“With the SqwaQ partnership, the Robotic Skies Service Center network can further expand services beyond maintenance and repair,” said Brad Hayden, founder and CEO of Robotic Skies. “This is a great opportunity to help operators evolve with new technology and get more out of their UAS investment by offering an upgrade path to safe BVLOS operations for more complex and demanding mission profiles.”

SqwaQ equipment can be factory-installed or retrofitted to the existing UAS fleet. The company has more than a dozen patents issued and pending on its multi-redundant 3G/4G/LTE/5G communications router which is manufactured to rugged AS9100 and DO-160 standards and can provision custom data services on 600+ cellular networks across 130 countries.