AirMap acquires sophisticated flight automation developer

By Luke Geiver | September 25, 2019

AirMap is adding a new layer to its globally-used drone product offering. Already a major provider of airspace management and flight operations software, AirMap will now be able to provide high-precision flight automation and data capture to customers looking to plan, manage and ultimately automate drone-based missions.

The new capabilities come after AirMap acquired Hangar Technology. In a note to investors and interested parties, Chairman and CEO of AirMap, Ben Marcus, said Hangar is now a part of his company “to extend both airspace and mission automation to enterprises and to third-party developers building the next generation of software products for commercial drones.”

Founded in 2015, Hangar Technology automates drone workflows for enterprises. Its products include JobSight, a construction-focused application that automates orthomosaics, panoramas, and other imaging, and TowerSight, a digital workflow application for automated tower inspections.

Using the world's most sophisticated autonomous flight and mission execution engine, Hangar software precision-scans every inch of an asset. The Hangar platform then automatically ingests, processes, and analyzes drone data to create an accurate digital reconstruction and produce detailed component analysis.

According to Marcus, Hangar first started working with AirMap as a developer of automation technoloiges.

Scott Lumish, CEO of Hangar, said his team is excited to be a part of AirMap while it retains is headquarters in Austin, Texas. “We’ve worked closely with major players across construction and cell towers to streamline and automate every part of their UAS inspection workflow,” adding that, “we’re eager to combine forces with AirMap to enhance these offerings.”