Drone delivery developer signs global distribution deal

By AirBox | August 14, 2019

Drone Delivery Systems has secured a distributor of their products including AirBox Home for the Nordic region plus India and Malaysia. This would also include DroneX, their fleet of delivery drones as well as AirBox Sky, the temperature regulated payload carrier. Drone Delivery Systems is the only company in the world that can provide an end to end drone delivery solution into a secured receptacle.

The AirBox Home is a smart, secure, IOT delivery box that can accept both ground and drone deliveries. This protects the shipment from theft, weather, and notifies all parties when the parcel has been delivered eliminating the need for signature confirmation.

“Because AirBox home is based on solar power, and uses GPS location for addressing, it will provide potentially billions of people with a secure delivery endpoint where today they do not have a deliverable address. This will open up e-commerce around the globe, stimulating economies and allowing new delivery models,” said Jeremy Tucker, an emergency physician and co-founder of DDS.

President and Co-Founder of DDS, Brandon Pargoe said, “We are very excited to partner with Spera. They provide a global testing ground for drone companies, both in Norway and in India and we plan to test and integrate with other drone operators there as well. At Spera Airpark they are developing an international drone testing environment, plus an UAS/UAM incubator and innovation cluster. They can really help to drive adoption of this new technology.”

Spera Airpark is located in the heart of Norway and works with UAV / UAM companies to test and integrate their solutions with a goal of safe operation of UAV’s as well as expertise to allow companies to develop profitable business models using this technology. With a 1,830 meter runway and 620 hectare of land as well as the ability to allocate 40,000 square kilometers of controlled airspace, they can test both shorter and longer range drones in a variety of conditions, including four full seasons. Founder and Chairman of the board of Spera, Bjorn-Arild Woll said, “Our goal is to control delivery by drones all over the globe as we integrate DDS in our EMS centrals and UAV Ports around the world, starting off in Norway and India. Together with our partner Telenor, we will include mobile connectivity and a huge potential end-customers from the very beginning. Integrating DDS’s products and the DroneX platform completes our ecosystem based on FlytBase.”