Two companies announce counter-UAS developments

By Patrick C. Miller | February 14, 2018

In new developments in the field of counter-UAS, Gryphon Sensors has formed a partnership with WhiteFox Defense Technologies and Australia-based DroneShield has unveiled a book-sized drone detection radar.

Gryphon Sensors—a subsidiary of defense contractor SRC Inc. located Syracuse, New York—will be integrating WhiteFox’s non-jamming, non-kinetic mitigation and analysis capabilities with its Skylight system. RadarZero—recently unveiled by DroneShield—is a compact, portable and mobile radar capable of detecting drones up to 820 yards away.

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, WhiteFox specializes in developing services and solutions to detect, identify and mitigate threats from small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Gryphon Sensors’ Skylight technology employs a suite of radar and multispectral sensors, providing a comprehensive, real-time, 3-D, low-altitude airspace picture for accurate, long-range detection of small UAS. Adding WhiteFox’s capabilities to Skylight creates a capable and robust counter-UAS solution.

Luke Fox, WhiteFox CEO, said, “This powerful counter-UAS partnership will ring loud and clear through the market. Two leaders are combining forces to deliver the very best products and services for the most demanding security and safety teams throughout the world.”

Anthony Albanese, Gryphon Sensors president, said, “Our companies have similar advanced, agile, rapid development and engineering environments that allow us to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat,”

According to DroneShield, its new RadarZero provides 3D data acquisition and sells for a fraction of the cost of conventional radars. The company said that although RadarZero is a standalone product, it complements the larger and longer-range radar of its RadarOne system and its DroneSentinnel and DroneSentry sensor systems.

RadarZero is 7.8 inches long by 6.3 inches wide, weighs less than three pounds and covers a 120-degree area. Three units can provide complete coverage without the need for mechanical movement. DroneShield stressed that RadarZero is fully commercialized and available.

DroneShield also announced that its DroneGun MKII has been granted a NATO stock number, which means 29 NATO military forces can purchase the system off the shelf. The DroneGun can be used to force drone intruders to land or return to their home base. The stock number was assigned following a request from the U.S. Department of Defense.