Yamaha’s new unmanned drone, FAZER, set for US debut

By Luke Geiver | December 05, 2017

Yamaha Motors is making its first-ever appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it is bringing drones. Using the theme, “Expanding the possibilities of mobility with advanced technology,” for its booth at CES 2018 in January, Yamaha will be unveiling two unmanned aircraft vehicles designed for industrial and commercial-use spraying applications.

The YMR-01 is a multirotor with coaxial rotors that help with spraying efficiency. The type, and placement, of the rotors provides for an ideal downdraft of air currents regardless of travel direction, according to the company.

The FAZER R, Yamaha’s industrial unmanned helicopter, will feature turn assistance that helps with controllability and spraying performance related to spacing. The system can hold evenly spaced spray paths and maintain flying speed. According to Yamaha, the spraying function can be turned on or off by a single switch and doesn’t achieve full efficiencies depending on the operator’s flight skills.

Yamaha’s RMAX, an unmanned helicopter, is already being used in other countries for spraying applications. In the U.S., the RMAX has been used at vineyards and orchards to apply fungicides or to help dry plant leaves (via downdraft currents).

The FAZER can apply both liquid and granular material. The engine has an electric start for an unleaded gasoline 390-cc, 4-stroke engine. The FAZER features a 52-pound payload while the RMAX has a smaller, 2-stroke engine and a 35-pound payload.