Wingtra’s VTOL drone now available with Pix4D’s software

By Patrick C. Miller | October 24, 2017

European drone manufacturer Wingtra is partnering with Pix4D to enable 2D mapping and 3D model construction from aerial data gathered by the WingtraOne, a vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

Pix4D’s software suite is now available directly to WingtraOne users or through Wingtra’s distributors, providing a full end-to-end solution for professional drone operators. WingtraOne’s autonomous aerial data collection and Pix4D’s advanced data analysis capabilities are offered as a single bundle.

"The bond between the companies was established some time ago, since realizing the potential of pairing high-resolution aerial images with cutting-edge photogrammetry modelling software,” said Caroline Bailey, Pix4D regional sales manager for Europe.

Pix4D specializes in software that enables professionals to generate high-quality point clouds, orthomosaics and surface and terrain models from aerial imagery. Some of its software packages include Pix4Dmapper for georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models, and Pix4Dag for reflectance and index maps (NDVI, NDRE).

Leopold Flechsenberger, Wingtra sales manager, said, "We have always aimed at providing the best survey-grade aerial imagery to our users, so Pix4D was an obvious choice from the start. From now on, Wingtra is offering a reduced price on WingtraOne drones when bundled with Pix4Dmapper."

Wingtra has offices in the U.S., Europe and China and manufactures drones primarily aimed at the at the surveying and agriculture industries. Designed by the Autonomous Systems Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, the WingtraOne takes off vertically, transitions to level flight like a fixed-wing drone and lands vertically. It can carry heavy payloads such as the Sony RX1RII. 

The drone offers high accuracy for mapping while covering an area of 980 acres at 1.2 inches per pixel GSD or the equivalent of 570 football fields. The WingtraOne is currently in use in Europe, China, the U.S. and Australia for applications ranging from surveying and precision agriculture to glacier monitoring.