Long-range, solar-powered UAS earns award from US DoD-linked team

By Silent Falcon UAS | October 10, 2017

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies solar-electric, fixed-wing, long-endurance, long-range unmanned aircraft system has been recognized with the 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award at this year’s Defense Innovation Summit. TechConnect is an organization that prospects, vets and connects thousands of emerging technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense industry and other government clients.  

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies received this award in recognition of the potential positive impact that its innovative technology will have for the warfighter and national security.  In addition to being selected for this prestigious award, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies had the opportunity to present the company and its solar electric unmanned aircraft system to a panel of DoD experts representing the Special Operations Command, Central Command, the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy and other DoD organizations. 

“We are extremely honored to have received this award from TechConnect and to have had the opportunity to showcase our products and technologies to such a distinguished audience.  The Silent Falcon Unmanned Aircraft System has been flown for numerous foreign militaries and security organizations, and we have been eager to increase our presence within the U.S. DoD customer base. We believe that this award is a significant step toward achieving that objective,”  said John Brown, Silent Falcon UAS Technologies president and CEO.

 The company’s design allows the UAV to stay in the air for up to five hours. The system is also built to accommodate a large array of sensors, cameras and payloads. The entire system can fit in the bed of a pickup truck and can be deployed in roughly 30 minutes after it arrives on site.