Lockheed introduces new version of sUAS Indago

By Luke Geiver | May 09, 2017

Lockheed Martin has released an enhanced version of its Indago 3 small unmanned aircraft system. The Indago 3 is now capable of providing long-range, secure intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for up to 50 minutes at temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero. 

Lockheed has partnered with TrellisWare Technologies on a radio system that allows for the Indago to fly up to 10 km and maintain a secure network. The San Diego-based company that formed in 2000 produces communication systems that range from small form factor production to fully integrated multi-function solutions. The Ocelot module that includes TrellisWare software, was designed specifically for UAS, according to Matt Fallows, director of applications and systems at TrellisWare. The system will help improve the Indago’s in-air networking during long-range connection that happen within challenging conditions. 

The Indago 3 is designed for robust applications, ranging from military to search and rescue missions. The quadcopter weighs less than five pounds and can by transported into a man-packable unit. The quad rotor can be unfolded in 60 seconds and flying in under three minutes, according to Lockheed Martin. 

The upgraded version also features a low acoustic and visual signature during startup and flight. Rich Bonnett, Indago program manager, said the system gives users a “quiet, durable long-range system to complete sensitive operations with small UAS,” adding that military customers say the Indago 3 offers a rugged product that is tougher than other sUAVs.