IP firm: drone identification tech isn’t theory, its available

By Luke Geiver | March 23, 2017

A New York-based intellectual property broker believes it has the patent to a drone tracking and identification system that could be used by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and law enforcement. “The increased use and presence of unmanned aircraft vehicles has created the need for a system by which a drone’s owner and/or operator can be identified and contacted,” the company IPOfferings LLC said. “FAA-registered aircraft display N-numbers that identify the aircraft’s owner, but that is not the case with drones.”

IPOfferings said it has the patent to a system that approaches the challenge of identifying UAVs from several angles. The system can immediately identify the owner of a drone without going to a FAA website to look up the information, according to the company. The system utilizes a smartphone, Wi-Fi connection and a tablet to identify information about the drone as long as it has an installed module that broadcasts a 360 degree signal. The module, according to IPOfferings, weighs just 18 grams.

“This system is not theory,” the company said. “It has been successfully implemented and a working prototype is available.”

Alec Schibanoff, vice president of IPOfferings, said it is only a matter of time until federal law requires the identification of drones when they fly over businesses, homes or public lands and facilities. According to Schibanoff, the technology developed by the corporation that created the system does not deem it a core competency product.