Aviation consulting experts launch guaranteed UAS solutions

By Luke Geiver | March 23, 2017

Evans Inc., a consulting firm specialized in health care, aviation and international developments, has released a new service to the unmanned aircraft systems industry it guarantees will produce a successful outcome. The Virginia-based firm’s trademarked CAARMA UAS Solutions Suite is designed to help government and commercial entities expand their use of UAS.

“Although latest estimates forecast the UAS industry to be worth $82 billion over the next five years, organizations are struggling to capitalize on this limitless potential,” Evans said. “Especially if they don’t understand the regulatory boundaries.”

The CAARMA product can help clients learn how to implement or operator UAS. Part of the system includes what Evans calls the UAS Programmatic Readiness and Health Assessment. The assessment is designed “to minimize risk, maximize ability to exploit market-driven opportunities and optimize investment to realize the fastest possible outcomes.”

The program can also help entities save money. Sue Evans, founder, said the CAARMA solution has already saved the government more than $10 million on a single project through improved decision making and more efficient technology planning that generated cost avoidance measures.

“The process,” Evans said, “is focused on a sequential, inclusive approach that helps our customers in the aviation industry successfully embrace and profit from new initiatives and investments while working more effectively together.”

Evans is well-versed in UAS. The company is frequently involved with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s UAS program and the FAA’s work on developing the National Air Space. The team of UAS experts and remote pilots provides full-service support for air traffic control, pilot training, unmanned systems, flight planning, technical operations, human factor analysis, business integration, strategic planning and aviation program management.