Construction camera provider: Top 4 reasons for drones

By Luke Geiver | March 16, 2017

TrueLook, a North Carolina-based construction camera company, has released its take on using drones on the construction site. “Developers, planners and supervisors are increasingly asking us about drone technologies,” said Ken Pittman, TrueLook marketing director. “The industry is buzzing over drones, but many managers are still uncertain about their usefulness.” According to Pittman, construction teams often want to see their projects from the sky to look at drainage issues or share progress on high rises. “Either way, drone photography and video is a great way to truly see the big picture for even the largest construction project.”

TrueLook provides construction cameras for jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing and HD security. The team recently released its top four reasons to use drones on the jobsite.

  1. HD bird’s eye view: Drones provide planners and supervisors a high definition, bird’s eye view of the jobsite. The look from above car reveal a lot about progress on a project.
  2. Team communication: There’s no denying it—aerial photography looks more impressive than anything you’ll capture on the ground. Sharing aerial photography with investors, owners and other involved parties is a great way to show off your project and renew excitement.
  3. Marketing: Aerial photography does a great job capturing the scope of the entire project and making a great impression. Developers and contractors alike can use drones in their marketing. For example, developers will have a great project progress photos to share with prospective tenants.
  4. No jobsite too big: Drones can extend the documentation of construction activities to every square foot of your jobsite. One drone can document every angle of your project, whereas live construction cameras can only offer one field-of-view.